Over the years we have had many different contributors, whose previous work includes, but is not limited to, the following titles:-

B.o.W II VR® – (PC)

Bodies of Water VR® – (PC)

Interactive VR Menu System – (PC)

Project Eden – (PC, PS2)


Tombraider V Chronicles – (PC, PLAYSTATION, DREAMCAST)


Tombraider IV the Last Revelation – (PC, PLAYSTATION, DREAMCAST)


Ninja Shadow of Darkness – (PLAYSTATION)


BC Racers – (PC, 32X)


Fantastic Dizzy – (MEGADRIVE, A1200)


Tempest 2000 – (JAGUAR, PC)


Llamazap – (ST-FALCON)


Pub Trivia – (AMIGA)


Battle Valley – (AMIGA)