Triggerfish Games are an Indie Software Developer and Publisher, currently working hard on ‘B.o.W II VR®‘, which is the sequel to their already successfully launched title ‘Bodies of Water VR®‘, and which promises many more exciting new enhancements and features!

We are now also offering the chance to work directly with us in the VR space via our ‘Interactive VR-Menu System‘ project, which provides a great starting point for anyone who is interested in working in VR!

And, if any game that you produce is good enough, then we may even be interested in publishing it for you, also.

Keep checking this page for future updates!

B.o.W II VR®

‘B.o.W II VR®‘ is the exciting sequel to ‘Bodies of Water VR®‘, and is a VR only, sports-based action arcade game. In this story driven adventure you, the player, will expand on the skills already taught during its prequel, by culling Invasive species, exploring underwater cave systems, deep dive using tri-mix, as well as visit the artic circle, and more!!

Featuring an environmentally aware storyline ‘B.o.W. II VR®‘ will cover various important environmental topics, like industrial pollution and global warming, as well as envirocide and competing nations, also.

Suitable for players aged 13 or over, ‘B.o.W II VR®‘ is now available for purchase on Early Access here.

Bodies of Water VR®

The original sports based, VR only, action arcade game. Learn how to Scuba Dive, Freedive and Snorkel over various action packed, exhilarating and challenging adventures! Activities include:- Poolside Scuba Diver Training, Bayside Snorkeling and Freediving, Cliff Jumping, Luxury Beach Diving, Open Water and Wreck Diving, as well as Night Diving!

Buy Scuba Equipment and enhance your Diving skills! Recover Doubloons, search for Shells, Identify Fish, find Hidden Treasures, and more!

‘Bodies of Water VR®‘ is now available for purchase here.

Interactive VR-Menu System™

If you are interested in getting started, or are all ready working in VR or the Metaverse, then this VR gaming focused asset may well be suitable for you. Simply build on the complete demonstration project provided for you here, or add our fully Interactive VR-Menu Blueprint and code to your own VR Character Blueprint, in order to enjoy this fully comprehensive, Unreal Engine based, Interactive VR-Menu system!

‘Interactive VR-Menu System’ is now available for purchase here.

Motion Capture

As well as Developing and Publishing their own titles, Triggerfish Games are currently working hard on developing their own in-house Motion Capture Systems also. Some examples of which are shown below:-