Bodies of Water VR

Immerse yourself in this new and exciting, VR only, sports-based action arcade game. Learn how to Scuba Dive, Freedive and Snorkel over various action packed, exhilarating and challenging adventures! Activities include:- Poolside Scuba Diver Training, Bayside Snorkeling and Freediving, Cliff Jumping, Luxury Beach Dive, Open Water and Wreck Diving, as well as Night Diving!

Buy Scuba Equipment and enhance your Diving skills! Recover Doubloons, search for Shells, Identify Fish, find Hidden Treasures, and more!


Triggerfish Games are an Indie Software Publisher, currently working hard on developing their own in-house Motion Capture Systems as well as their first fully fledged VR production:- ‘Bodies of Water’.

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Motion Capture

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